Friday, July 31, 2009

Then & Now - July Review

Today's a double post day - be sure to scroll down & see what else is happening out there!

It's time for some before & after photos! When we see our gardens every day, sometimes it's easy to lose sight of just how much has happened over the past few weeks. Here are some comparison photos to show growth for the month of July.

June's green beans weren't looking so great. Sickly and yellow. I think it was too much moisture.

Much improved for July. They are behind last year's beans though. Last year by this time they had produced the bulk of their crop. So far this year, I've only harvested a handful.

The tomatoes are plugging along...

They're hiding, but they're in there! The storm clouds rolling in today looked a little nasty, so this is my attempt to offer a little hail protection. I have a few green tomatoes but not huge amounts. They are still producing flowers.

This one actually surprised me!

Once the corn finally gets going, boy does it grow!

Finally, what's likely the most impressive thing growing in my garden...

I have about 10 or 12 of these babies growing on the ladder!

Strawberries - 2 oz
Sugar Snap Peas- 22 oz
Broccoli- 4 oz
Radishes- 2 oz
Cucumber- 3 oz
Lettuce- 49 oz
Garlic (untrimmed) 44 oz
Zucchini- 11 oz
Potatoes- 17 oz
Scallions- 1 oz
Beans-(green & yellow) 2 oz
July total: 157 oz = 9 lb 13 oz
June total: 69 oz =4 lb 5 oz
May total: 10 oz .
Total: 236 oz = 14 lb 12 oz


Ribbit said...

Woohoo!! Things look great. Don't worry, those green beans will catch up.

Amy said...

I know, they'll get there eventually! I did get to pick another handful tonight.