Friday, July 31, 2009

Fresh from the Rain

After a few warm dry days, our stormy weather returned. We had temperatures near 90 at the end of last week then a cold front came through and dropped us to about 60. I think Colorado Springs had a record low for the high temperature yesterday. Today warmed back up to around 80 or so, at least until our afternoon storm arrived. We've gotten another 2 inches of rain this week! Last July was apparently one of the driest on record. This July is the total opposite!

Between rains, I went out for a few pictures.

The daikon seed pods are finally starting to dry.

My first blush of tomato color! Strangely, this is probably the smallest tomato plant I have.

Soon, I'll get to taste a Pattypan!

I don't think this is good... This potato plant (I think it's Yukon Gold, I forgot to check the tag) has black spots all over it's leaves. It doesn't look as healthy as it's neighbors. I'll have to look this up.

With all the hail that our area has had recently, I've been concerned about the garden. I've been covering what I can. The tomatoes have a chicken wire cover over the top (2 layers, overlapped to make the holes smaller) to hopefully protect them from any whopper hailstorms. Since I can't easily toss fabric over the top, I wrapped it around the sides. I don't think the fabric will stop huge hail but it should at least protect against smaller stones. Since I've covered plants, the hail has skipped us (thankfully). Of course, now I'm a little paranoid - I'm afraid the day I don't cover will be the day the hail comes...

I have one little bell pepper starting. This is a purchased plant though one of my seed starts looks like it might actually kick into gear and bloom soon.

The first borage bloom opened today.

My sugar snap peas have passed their prime. While I keep thinking I should cut them down, they still produce just a few peas. This is why I haven't cut them yet..

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sb158 said...

Argh! Between you and my daughter telling me how nice and cool it is there...sigh!
This summer's weather is just so weird.

Amy said...

Notice though, it's July 31 and I'm wearing a jacket??

Colorado is really nice though :-)

Annie's Granny said...

LOL at the pea eating dog. Both of mine love carrots and green beans, but I really flipped when I found a chewed up cucumber under the dining room table yesterday! I don't know if I dropped it or they picked it!

Amy said...

Last summer she stole cukes off the kitchen counter, took them out the dog door and had a good snack. Veronica does love her veggies!

Amy said...

I was feeding her over the fence, so she had to jump up to get them. That's actually sort of a scary picture to take - hold out the food, make the gimpy dog jump up all while looking at the camera trying to take a picture! Her aim was a little off toward the end...

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am a lurker from over at GardenWEB - Your garden looks amazing. I am wondering if you would take a picture of your pattypan squash leaves? I planted some but my containers are all mixed up and I cannot tell one squash from the other.


GrafixMuse said...

Amazing before and after pics. It’s true! You don’t realize the growth from day to day. It’s only after reviewing the pictures that I see a difference too.

Love the pics of Veronica eating pea pods! We have a yellow lab, Bradie who also loves veggies. We shared my first cucumber today.

Amy said...

She likes cucumbers too :-)