Friday, July 17, 2009

Ignore It and It will Grow?

Mom's gone back home from her visit, so "touristing" is over and there's gardening to be done! During her visit, we were gone most days, so the garden didn't get much attention. I usually had time to give it a once-over most days. I picked a few peas & cut some lettuce (and one actual head of broccoli - a small one, but still a head), and tried to keep the spaghetti squash contained.

Here's the photo overview...

Not much apparent change in the potato bin - hopefully that means something is happening underneath the straw.
I have two little zucchini that should be big enough to pick soon!

The flying saucer squash grew quite a lot this week. Only problem is, it seems to be a bush plant not a vine plant (like I THOUGHT it was). I guess it's good that I put it at the end of the bed. Since the watermelon don't look too promising, the Green Dragon cucumber will have plenty of space on the new trellis I built a couple weeks ago for these three!

When I saw the bush form, I thought I just wasn't paying attention to the seed packet (I did the same thing last year with the zucchini) but I looked at the package today and it actually doesn't say if it's bush or vine. If I had looked really closely at the picture on the package, I might have noticed it looked a bit like a bush plant, but it wasn't so obvious. This makes me feel a little better knowing it's not just that I didn't READ the package but that doesn't change anything. I hope there's going to be enough space for all the plants I have there. I wouldn't have planted so close if I had realized they wouldn't grow UP!

The spaghetti squash and corn both put on lots of growth while I wasn't looking. It's a little hard to see in the photo, but the squash has actually about reached the top of the ladder! The corn has fully recovered from it's hail damage it seems.

The green beans are looking much, much better. There's still some yellow in there, but there's lots more green now. I'm thinking they looked so bad because they were too wet. We had .7" of rain on Sunday, but it's been mostly dry since and we've had some hot, sunny weather. I did sprinkle some coffee grounds around the worst of the plants but I can't see that it made much difference since that spot isn't greener than the rest. I'm really leaning toward too much water having caused the problems.

Look under this very pale leaf and you'll even seem some blooms!!

I am a bit concerned about my potatoes though. I have a few batches that aren't looking so good right now. These are Red Pontiac which are a late variety. I tried to peek around the stems but I'm not seeing signs of tubers. The straw seems to stay really really wet, so I hope they don't just rot away. I will be so sad if none of my potatoes grow! Not all of them are looking bad though, so there's still hope. I'll just let these be and see what they end up doing.

To end on a positive note, look what appeared this week! These are Thessaloniki tomatoes. I do have baby toms on some of the other plants as well, but these are the largest ones I've found so far. You can see some of the hail damage from the earlier storms but other than making my plants less pretty, it doesn't seem to have caused any real harm.

That's all for now, but I'll be back soon!


Toni said...

Hi there! Greetings from northern Wyoming.

Your garden looks good even though you took some fun time!

How long have you had your green beans covered? Mine are all yellowy too.

Also, had a problem with my Yukon golds. Many of the plants died back before blossoming. I'm wondering if it's because of all the rain we had late June...

Congratulations on your baby tomatoes!!! Yeah!!

Shawn Ann said...

Looks good.
I have had some problems with my beans turning yellow too. Haven't figured it out. My first batch got really full and pretty after I covered them with insect cloth, but the second set is not covered, totally yellow and not healthy looking. I have a third batch coming up and they look good for now, we'll see how they do!

Amy said...

Hey, I left a comment on here hours ago but it's not here....

I covered the beans between June 25-30 (from the pictures). They're covered for protection from small hail. The curtain won't do much for big hail (I'm guessing) but the beans looked pretty bad after being hit with pea sized hail a couple times. The covers are open at the ends so they won't stop any insects, but I didn't notice any bugs attacking them. They're still a little yellow but looking much much better. I just replanted some skips, so I'm curious how they'll do compared to the others.

I suspect the rain too for the potatoes but then, if we get enough rain out here to kill them, how do people ever grow them in rainy places??

Just Jenn said...

lol - I've had three weeks of company too... why is it when we ignore our gardens some wonderful things happen? My sweet pepper plants look so much better when I don't pay any attention to them at all!

Have you thought about just removing the straw around the potatoes and see how they do without the mulch?

Otherwise - a tom, yay! And your squash is getting so big!!

Amy said...

Ooh, 3 weeks of company is a lot! Too bad the ignoring isn't a foolproof plan - the downside is such a bummer!

I hilled the potatoes with straw instead of soil, so I don't think I can remove it - well, I could remove it but then there's I don't think there's anywhere for the taters to grow. We've had a dry week so I should probably poke around in there again to see if anything is going on down there.