Thursday, July 23, 2009

Garden Helpers

I had a little "help" in the garden the other day. I know I've posted photos of the dogs, but once in a while, these two show up to "help" too (though I seriously suspect they were trying to get me to go inside and feed them).

Meet Gabby (who's giving me an earful here). He's my 15 year old I've had since he was a kitten. He's actually the only one of mine who didn't come from the shelter or from the streets.
He recently had some dental work done and is showing off his missing fang in this photo. Poor old guy just had 5 more teeth pulled. He doesn't really have many left on the right side of his mouth. He has almost all of them on the left though - go figure.

This is Annie. She's 13 now. She's a Manx mix (hence the lack of a tail) who showed up as a stray at the flower shop where I worked in Texas. We think she was 8 months old when we took her in.

Gabby & Annie, bellied up to the catnip bar. I started a few catnip plants from seed this spring. I don't think they'll get a chance to grow out of control, at least not this year. They're keeping them well trimmed.

Something distracted her from her grazing...

Hanging out in the corn...

Again, my ever-hopeful girl, Veronica. Since I fed her a couple sugar snap peas, this is what she does while I'm in the garden with an occasional grumble to remind me of her wishes.

My boy, Wilson isn't so excited about veggies, so he just pops by to check in once in a while, so no photos of him this time. He'll make an appearance here again soon I'm sure.


Toni said...

Really, your cat likes peas?

We adopted 3 cats, 2 males and a femaie. I love them.

Our two males wonder around outside (we live in the country) and catch all kinds of wild things. They don't get along very well.

My female cat would love to be a house cat. She follows me all around the house... talks to me... play fetch with her bouncy balls... and loves to eat bugs.. moths especially.

Thanks for sharing your feline friends with us!

Amy said...

No, the cats don't eat peas (though the Annie does like the juice from canned green beans) it's the dog, Veronica who likes peas. Wilson is my other dog, no pictures of him today.

These two spend most of their time inside, but they do go outside some during the day. Annie likes to lay in the sun on the porch.

GrafixMuse said...

Beautiful Kitties! I bet they "help" a lot! We have two indoor kitties that like to munch on fresh lettuce leaves when I bring them in. I have a few catnip plants for them too, but one leaf is enough to make them goofy, so I don't know what would happen if they had the whole plant to munch on.

Our yellow lab, Bradie loves veggies. I remember last year I threw an overgrown cucumber out of the garden to be placed in the compost bin. She scooped it up, ran around with it a bit, and proceeded to lay down with it between her paws and eat it from the end. Yuck! She also likes tomatoes, and melons. We had to fence in the garden this year, but she will share in the harvest.

Amy said...

Thanks Rachel. I've always been surprised that these two don't get goofy on catnip. Maybe when (if) these plants grow up they'll be stronger and give a kitty buzz. My cats growing up used to go nuts over the catnip that grew in the yard, classic stoner-kitties.

Mine have never eaten lettuce but they do gnaw on the corn in the garden once in a while, though that's just big grass...