Thursday, June 18, 2009

Those Lovely Ladies

While watering the babies on the front porch today, I saw a terrible sight - gobs of aphids nestled into the tips of the little mums. Time for a little help from my friends...

The past few days, I've noticed a pretty significant population explosion of lady bugs. While pulling weeds in the back yard I actually have to check the plants so I don't squish them. They seem to be everywhere and thick. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it. Either they really enjoyed the unusual spring moisture or somebody released them and they all came to my house! I even spotted some in the front lawn this evening.

When I saw the aphids, I went out back and caught a few of them. Several hours later, they were still trekking around the mums.

I was thinking I should mow the back weed-patch (we don't have a lawn back there yet) but I'm afraid it would be a lady-massacre if I did. For now, I'm just going to pull the tall and weediest looking stuff. We don't have many manicured back yards out here so if I don't mow, I won't offend my neighbors.

We are also having a population explosion of Miller Moths it seems.

Although CSU says the population is normal this year ,
they were the topic of a short blurb on the news tonight. These guys are everywhere at my house right now. When I open my front door, a flurry of moths come flying out. I've got them bouncing into the windows, flying into the shower, dying on the floor but I think the worst was when I put a loaf of bread into the 450* oven the other day, one must have been hiding behind the towel hanging on the oven door. I opened the door, he flew in. He didn't make it back out (well he did, but it was on the end of a spatula - something about fresh bread in a steamy oven with a moth at the bottom didn't seem yummy...).

I was happy to hear that they should only be hanging around here for another week or so.


Just Jenn said...

Love that all the good bugs flew right to your garden! X^D

Shawn Ann said...

I love to see lady bugs in the yard!