Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cold and Dreary Days

It's been a cold and dreary couple of days here in Colorado. Yesterday at 4 pm it was 43 degrees, windy and kind of rainy. Today at about noon, it was 43 degrees with a pretty good fog. It did clear out this afternoon for a little while and we made it to about 57 degrees when the sun came out for a minute.

Monday afternoon, until a nasty looking (and sounding) storm rolled in, I was making some progress in the front yard. I was in the midst of the dirt work to correct the negative drainage and start at a better (higher) ground level for the Jostaberry bushes -which will soon be the backdrop for my new flower garden. Because I was building up the ground level, I had to remove the downspout elbow and extension piece so I could work underneath it. I will also have to cut off part of the downspout so that it will drain correctly. Of course, this means it HAD to rain! I tossed a tote lid under the vertical downspout to at least slow the water down enough that it wouldn't wash away ALL the dirt I had just moved.

I'm starting to think that if we want it to rain, I should just have my neighbors put more gopher bait in the tunnel that leads to my yard. I moved their downspout the last time so at least the water doesn't run through the tunnel and puddle in my yard (with the possibility that my dog will drink from the potentially poisoned puddle).

It's supposed to be in the high 70's-low 80's the next few days, so I think I should be seeing another growth spurt soon.

I did remember to take a picture of the blooming stick a.k.a. my Saskatoon blueberry today. I put the chicken wire around it so the dogs don't run it over. It's so little, it's hard to see from a distance. I hope it produces a couple of berries this summer, just enough to find out how they taste.

Of course, Mr. Nosy was quite sure he needed to be involved, as usual...


Toni-zone 4 WY said...

Have you had to cover your garden at night?

Amy said...

I haven't put the plastic back over but I have used the sheer curtain fabric over the squash bed and some of the tomatoes. I also have row cover over the peppers. The tender plants also still have their water jugs with them. Luckily our nighttime temps have not been much colder than our daytime temps. I think we got to about 39 last night. The ground in the raised beds seems to stay pretty warm. I was poking in there bare handed (I forget why) but I noticed it felt warm in there.

john said...

We have about the same weather here and its getting depressing. :o(


Just Jenn said...

Oh I really hope you guys warm up soon!

And of course it rains while you're working on drainage issues - Mother Nature is just letting you know where the water will go so you don't have to guess. ;^) Isn't she helpful? Sorry! But on the bright side - less watering, right? ;^)

Oh I hope the stick gives you a little handful of blueberries. Is it just because it's so young or is it struggling?

Amy said...

The stick is just young. I ordered them this spring. The rain is not helping me get much done outdoors, but the lawn is happier. It's SO much greener here this year than last. It's nice.