Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I really am still here!

Just wanted to add a quick post to let you all know that I AM still here! There should be a new post in the next couple days. The hubby came home for a visit this last couple weeks and I haven't had time to write anything. I'll try to get caught up soon.
Thanks for stickin' around!


Liisa said...

Hubby is way more important :-)
I'm still here when you are ready to post. I've been away since Aug... but I'm back now :-)


Engineeredgarden said...

It's good to see you back!

GrafixMuse said...

I am still here too and ready to read when you are ready to post.

Of course Hubby is more important :-)

Toni said...

Just stopped by to say HI!

Did you guys get that snow last week?

It's going to be cold here this week in the 40s & 50s.

My garden is done except for the cold weather stuff.

Welcome back!

Amy said...

Thanks all! It's good to know you're still out there! I'll probably have one more little gap then I'll get back to the swing of things - now that the season is "ending" of course... but there's always something to be done!

Toni, we did get snow last week. We were gone for the weekend and covered a few plants when we got home Sunday evening as we had heard the weather was going to turn and there was a real chill in the air. I was sure happy we did when I looked outside the next day and saw huge snowflakes!! I had a little frost damage but nothing major. Are you getting hit this time?

Toni said...

I'm pretty sure that we've had a hard freeze. Cold here now... well... at least this week.