Friday, February 6, 2009

Finding FREE straw in the fall

If you read my last post, you know I acquired a few (perhaps too many?) bales of straw this fall. After reading Sinfonian's comment, I thought it might be helpful to note how I got all that straw.

After Halloween, I posted a request on my local Freecycle group looking for hay, straw and/or pumpkins. I got a couple replies, and started my collection. I also kept an eye on I watched both the "free" section and the "farm & garden" listings. One day, I had an idea (insert mischievous grin here). I decided to bend the rules a bit. Since posting requests on the "free" listings is not allowed, I decided to offer a free service.

Free removal of your fall straw bale decorations-----------
If you have hay or straw bales for your fall decorations that you no longer want, I can come pick them up and take them away for you. If you have some pumpkins or similar items too, I can remove them as well.
When contacting, please let me know your general area. Thank you.

I received 6 or 7 bales (and quite a few pumpkins) from this ad I posted right after Thanksgiving from people who were so happy I was going to take the things away. It seems people buy the bales with no idea how they're going to get rid of them when the fall holidays are over. One person was going to put them out for the trash when she saw my Freecycle request. I picked up a bale from a neighbor who told me he's had it in his yard for 2 or 3 years! I will warn you though, the first time I posted the ad I had no problems. When I re-posted it a couple weeks later, I was promptly flagged and the ad removed.

I hope I have given you a couple ideas you can use (you'll remember this post next fall, won't you??)

Hmmm.... you know, a little while back, when I was out walking the dogs, I spotted a couple straw bales in someone's yard ...


Hilary Cable said...

I use Freecycle too! It's a great way to find compostable materials. I would highly recommend this as a resource for gardeners.

Just Jenn said...

Must remember to try to be as sneaky as you when the time comes... ;^)

Sinfonian said...

Great post, thank you for the idea! Glad it worked for you. I just may have to try it. Sorry for the delay in commenting. I read this a while ago and must have missed you posted for me. Thank you!